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How it Works

JetZepha gives you two ways to fly:


Transform your sense of what’s possible by browsing and booking seats on existing shared flights around the globe. Experience the dividend of flying private for less than you imagined possible. Seats are offered on flights created by your neighbours and flights initiated and pre-scheduled by Jetzepha or its partners.


Choose the aircraft that fits your lifestyle, where and when you want to fly, and the number of seats you want. You can also book all the seats to make it private. You’ll enjoy an unmatched experience with our low-price guarantee, exclusive flight support, and save thousands compared to traditional charters.

Where can you go?

Travel exclusively on your own terms.

You can create flights to and from 150+ countries worldwide, or travel on high-prevalent routes like Lagos, Johannesburg and Kigali. Jetzepha connects travellers to more than 50 flights per week.

Fit Your Travel Style to Your Life Style

Jetzepha partners with premium flight operators and pilots to provide you with limitless aircraft options to choose from. Find the aircraft that fits your lifestyle.