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JetZepha is a global community of fliers that prefer an exquisite travel experience. We offer a unique travel experience for way less than you thought possible in private aviation today.

Note: JetZepha does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAAN (Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria) licensed and NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority) registered air carriers.
JetZepha gives you two ways to fly:
1. Find seats on existing flights – Transform your sense of what’s possible by browsing and booking seats on existing shared flights around the globe. Experience the dividend of flying private for less than you imagined possible. Seats are offered on flights created by your neighbours and flights initiated and pre-scheduled by Jetzepha or its partners.

2. Create your own flights – Choose the aircraft that fits your lifestyle, where and when you want to fly, and the number of seats you want. You can also book all the seats to make it private. You’ll enjoy an unmatched experience with our low-price guarantee, exclusive flight support, and save thousands compared to traditional charters.
Aircraft vary depending on the route and distance. Many flights travel on heavy jets, such as the Gulfstream, Challenger, and Falcon aircraft; equipped with a flight attendant, premium amenities, and Wi-Fi. We also arrange flights on midsize jets, light jets, and turboprops.
Yes – there is a flight attendant on all heavy jets.
With the ability to create flights to and from 150+ countries worldwide and fly on high-prevalent routes between major cities, JetZepha can essentially take you wherever you'd like.
The safety and security of the JetZepha community is our top priority. In order to access our flight services, fliers are required to pass a digital background check before boarding, and during shared flights, expert safety teams ensure that luggage is safe for take-off.

All flights in our website are operated by air carriers who are licensed by the FAAN (Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria) and registered with the NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority). Only the operators whose aircraft and pilots meet the aviation industry’s safety and security standards make it into our preferred network, and we highly prioritize operators that carry ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, and IS-BAO Stage 3 ratings.

No matter what aircraft you’re flying on, the exact safety ratings and liability insurance coverage for each plane can be viewed at any time in the website.
When you create a flight, you choose the date and time you wish to fly. Individual seat bookings on existing shared flights have set departure times.
We offer a convenient helicopter transfer service for business and leisure from point to point.
Networking – Our global community includes leaders in business, sports, entertainment and culture. Network at 40,000 feet in the air and find the connections as rewarding as the convenience.

Events – Enjoy curated experiences in the sky and on the ground; with exclusive access to private dinners, gallery openings, celebrity meet-and-greets, and more.

24/7 Concierge – Around-the-clock Concierge service, tailored to your personal requirements. From booking reservations at top-tier hotels and restaurants, to assisting with the details of an upcoming event, no request is too big or small for our Concierge team.

Lifestyle Benefits – We’ve partnered with some of the world’s top brands to bring our community premium perks in fashion, dining, entertainment, and other lifestyle luxury services.

As users initiate custom flights, it drives the creation of new routes and flight frequency. We then partner with additional aircraft operators to meet the increased demands of our growing community.


Yes, anyone that passes a background screening and ID verification can purchase JetZepha flights. Non-members have access to universal market rates on individual seats, as well as flight creation. However, seat discounts, events, and benefits are exclusive to members only.
Membership includes valuable benefits such as significant discounts on seat purchases as well as access to member-exclusive events, 24/7 concierge and luxury lifestyle benefits.
Send an email to, a Membership Specialist will reach out to answer any questions and walk you through membership options. You can also reach our team 24/7.
Yes, your company may be eligible for our Enterprise plan. Please contact for pricing.


FBO stands for "Fixed Based Operator", a private jet terminal that offers full ground support for an aircraft and its passengers.
PAX stands for "Passengers".
A "private jet operator", sometimes called an "air carrier", is responsible for managing, maintaining, piloting, and operating private jet flights. All JetZepha routes are operated by private jet operators. JetZepha is not an air carrier or a private jet operator.
Jet Cards lock travellers into a pre-paid amount of flight hours, typically on a specific category of aircraft – at a fixed hourly rate. We do not subscribe to this inflexible business model. The JetZepha community enjoys the freedom to fly outside Jet Card constraints, with the same level of guaranteed service. JetZepha does not operate using a Fractional Ownership program. Fractional owners share in the ownership of an aircraft – a depreciating asset. They are responsible for the acquisition fee, monthly management fees, occupied hourly fees, and additional fees; including fuel, tax surcharge, and international fees.

Flight Services

Find individual seats on existing shared flights on our website and book instantly.
Much like a private flight, you can create shared flights worldwide, tailored to your exact requirements. Select the number of seats you need and save thousands by sharing the extra seats with fellow fliers.
Choose your aircraft, where and when you want to fly and book all the seats to make it private. Private flights include all the premium benefits of traditional charters, but with the added perks of our low-price guarantee and best-in-class flight support.
Your shared flight is guaranteed to fly the moment you book, whether we fill your extra seats or not.