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The Jetzepha Experience

Jetzepha is a quantum leap from flying commercial. We offer a unique travel experience that is unmatched in the private aviation.

01. Pre-Flight

Booking a flight on the Jetzepha website is effortless. You can view starting prices right from the home page and also browse flight options by date. Create your own flight to 150+ destinations or fly on high prevalent routes between major cities across the globe.

02. On the Day Of

Eliminate the long lines and simplify customs. Arrive at the private jet terminal just 15minutes before take-off. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by our Ground Representatives. Enjoy a beverage or snacks while your fellow travellers arrive.

03. At the FBO

Change the way you fly by experiencing convenience at our Jetzepha’s dedicated FBO’s. Relax at the private terminal without the nuisances of commercial terminals. Enjoy the comfort and privacy of the lounge with a complimentary champagne, Wi-Fi and books.

04. Safety & Security

Our expert security team conducts a non-intrusive inspection of all bags so that you can travel without compromise. You skip this step if you purchased a private charter. Passengers on shared flights will undergo a digital background check to guarantee a worry-free trip.

05. Boarding

Our ground team will escort you aboard the flight with precision and care so you can get comfortable with whatever you may need before take-off.

06. In-Flight

Explore all possibilities, network with like-minded individuals, dine on catering and sip champagne while you sit all the way back and enjoy the flight. All heavy jets include dining options, cocktails, on-board flight attendant and a complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi so you can work and check emails while you fly.

07. Arrival

Touchdown your destination in serenity and style. Need a ride? Order through concierge and we’ll pick you up right at the tarmac.

An exclusive personalised experience in private air travel

Enjoy the personalised experience of shared private jet services. We have redefined comfort and service in an elegant and simple style. We are committed to provide you with the highest levels of service, safety and a unique experience in the private aviation.

See you aboard the next flight!