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About Jetzepha

In the world of private aviation, JetZepha does it differently. This is a travel style for the dreamers and visionaries who carve their own independent paths. JetZepha, like you, is dedicated to a better way forward, moving people – and the aviation industry – into new, uncharted territories. It’s where the spirit of hospitality takes flight.

Who we are

JetZepha is a privately owned company registered with the corporate affairs commission and we ignite opportunities by setting the world in motion. We offer a diverse range of services which includes private travel services, private holiday vacations, helicopter services and aircraft cleaning services.

Through our innovative shared flight services, proprietary algorithms, and advanced technology, private jet travel is now more accessible, convenient and infinitely more efficient.

What we do

With Jetzepha, air travel will no longer be a burden. It will essentially become an advantage. We have the right solution to fit your unique travel needs. While we coordinate an extensive amount of private shared flights each day, we get you to your destination with ease. The Jetzepha shared flight program means you can access the worlds largest private jet fleet effortlessly. We will not only change the way you fly, but will transform your sense of what’s possible. You will never go back to flying commercial or overpaying for private charters.


To be a globally respected African aviation company


Developing a passionate service-oriented culture that; deliver superior satisfaction and security to our customers, and provide innovative travel solutions for the markets and communities we serve.